Victor L. Pennington II    (Vic)


I am seeking election to the Des Moines City Council: Position 3

As you may know;  I am running unopposed for this seat on our City Council.

I believe that you deserve to know who will be representing you on your City Council.

I have prepared this website so that you can get to know me a little better.

As you navigate through this website you will find examples that will outline my qualifications and experience demonstrating my ability to be an effective and productive member of the Des Moines City Council.

I am running for Des Moines City Council because I believe that it is important for citizens to have a Voice in Government, and to become involved if they so desire. I have chosen to become involved in our local government.

"I am not a politician”

I am however an experienced leader, a problem solver, and passionate about public service.

 I Believe In This Community;  its rich history and unique beauty; It is important to respect and protect our history; it is equally important to recognize the critical need to focus on this community’s long term sustained financial stability.


  • On a regular basis I work with a variety of community stakeholders, multiple public and private agencies, local, state and federal regulatory agencies, elected officials & labor leaders.  I have learned the art of collaboration – and I’m prepared to work with my fellow council members and community stakeholders to move forward on the important issues before us;    Such as the Long Term Financial Stability of our city, Public Safety,  keeping Critical Infrastructure up to good standards and Protecting our Unique and Beautiful Environment.


  •  I have worked for your fire department; King County Fire District 26 and now South King Fire & Rescue (post-merger) for over thirty eight (38) years.  I am the Deputy Fire Chief responsible for three divisions and three Special Operations Teams within the fire department; The Training & Safety Division, Fleet Division, Facilities Division and the Special Operations Teams (Marine, Haz-Mat and Technical Rescue).   I fully understand the effects of reduced tax revenues, the impacts to service delivery, staff support and managing priorities. I also know firsthand the impacts of staff reductions and how important it is to look for efficiencies in operations. I am a member of an administrative team with outstanding leadership that has functioned in both good and lean times while continuing to deliver emergency life and property saving services.   I am not reluctant to make difficult recommendations or decisions.


  •  I am the past Vice Chairperson of the Washington State Fire Training & Safety Officers Association.  In 2008 I was appointed by The Washington State Fire Chief’s Board of Directors to work with a group of Washington State Training Officers to find efficiencies and to create a new business strategy that would result in the training officers association’s sustained financial stability while successfully delivering training to firefighters across Washington State. The efficiency analysis resulted in the successful restructuring of the association, the creation of a Strategic Leadership Plan, debts were paid off and our goal of sustained financial stability and delivery of training was accomplished within one year.  This model continues to be successful to date.
  •  I In 2011, I was elected and I am currently seated as a Water Commissioner for King County Water District 54. This year I was elected by my peers to the position of Board President. Working with the water district staff, commissioners and community stakeholders, we have enhanced the operational efficiencies of the district.


I Believe the Most Important Function of Government; is to safeguard its citizens and provide well-delivered basic services;  I believe it is important to Enhance the Level of Public Safety, providing our citizens with safe neighborhoods and gathering places; it is also important to provide our citizens with a well-maintained and properly supported Critical Infrastructure.

We are still going through some hard times; we have tough decisions ahead of us. 

I believe with the utmost resolve we can and will find solutions that ensure our community’s Long Term Sustained Financial Stability.

We need to continue to find Efficiencies in City Government at All Levels….....

"Bring Added Value"


We must have long and short term strategic plans that provide opportunities for local small business to grow while continuing to attracting new business into the community.

We may only get one chance to put the pieces of this puzzle together

This will take the collaboration of several stakeholders to find  A Logical, Practical and Thought-Out approach to Growth and Stability, while maintaining a Balanced Livable Community for Our Citizens.

 I believe that my Personal and Professional Experiences will   "Bring Added Value"  as we move forward on the important issues before us.


My Commitment To You is Simple:

• I will work to Strengthen Relationships between local government and the folks that live, work, play and shop in Des Moines.

• I will work vigorously as Your Des Moines City Council Member to find solutions to the issues that prevent our community from moving forward.

• I will work every day toward keeping this commitment.



With your support and working together we will make a difference in our community.

Thank you for the opportunity for me to support my community,


Victor L. Pennington II



"Bring Added Value" to the Des Moines City Council

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